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Services Offered as a PPC Expert in Bangalore

google search ads expert in bangalore

Search Ads

Display your website on top of search results when a user searches for product or services related to yours. This is done through Pay Per Click(PPC) method. When a user clicks your website using search ads you are required to pay a certain amount based on click. My services will include optimizing ads for better performance, click through rate and ROI.

Display ads in bangalore

Display Ads

Display your ads as a banner across Google and their partner networks. Display ads help in creating brand awareness and pulling customers/clients to your business website. Target the right audience and create strong brand awareness with my display ad services. 

Youtube ads in bangalore

Video Ads

Video ads perform best when you want to reach your potential customer via story. Video ads provide brand engagement and brand recall. Video ads are a great way to reach and engage with your customers/clients. Reach millions of customers online with my video ad services.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Having products/services /apps made primarily for mobile users? With my mobile marketing services reach the right audience with the mobile ads that are displayed in relevant apps and website. 

Shopping ads service in bangalore

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are best for a business that has a product to sell online. Showcase your product ads across google and drive potential customer’s. Improve your conversions with my shopping ads services tailored for your product.

remarketing ads

Remarketing Ads

Customer/Client visited your website but no conversion? Re-engage with the dropped off customer/client with my remarketing ad services. Re-marketing ad assures the conversion rate and helps retain the existing clients.

Whats is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click is a famous advertising model used in Google and Bing. PPC method is used to make a client/customer make an action (i.e click). Here how pay per click works, you fix a certain amount to advertising platforms like Google and Bing based on clicks. Each time when the user clicks your ad you pay a certain amount to the advertising platforms. Choosing the right PPC Expert will help you optimize the ppc campaigns with right keywords, demographics and audience. Most importantly PPC Expert will help you get better ROI and help reducing the unwanted cost spends on poorly performing ads. 

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Advantages of Pay Per Click (PPC)

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